Special Olympics DanceSport Competition

In a nutshell the Special Olympics DanceSport (SODS) rules have been created in an effort to make judging SODS competitions as objective as possible. Since there are multiple dance forms it is essential that there are common denominators. During SODS competitions judges are looking for the following criteria: Turning, Jumping, and floor section, as well as, presentation, musicality, and choreography content.

How to Create SODS Choreography

An SODS choreography should be around 1.30min long and should consist of a Turning, Jumping, and floor section.

Official Special Olympics DanceSport Sport Rules

Please click the link below to read the downloadable governing rules and additional rules regarding venues, music, competition outfits, officials & staff, solos, couples, duos, teams, scoring, and judging sheets.

Sports Essentials DanceSport Rules 2020 v2